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Hey, there! I’m so glad you have purchased a reusable fabric face mask* from my shop! Here, you’ll find all of the information you need for caring for your mask, as well as tips to ensure you get the best fit when wearing your mask. Please reach out to me if you have any questions at all and I will be happy to help!

*These masks are not meant or intended to replace any medical-grade masks or respirators. I do not make any medical claims for the usage of this product. Please conduct personal research for the optional filter insert you decide to use. I will not recommend any specific filter for use with this mask. This mask has been created and designed in accordance with the CDC’s recommended guidelines for wearing cloth masks in public.
(Remember to get all of your information regarding the use of fabric face masks and suggested filter inserts from the official CDC website.)


Jersey ties/adjustable ear straps: When you purchased your mask, you were able to choose between long ties or adjustable ear straps. I chose this style for comfort and durability. All straps are made from Hooked Zpagetti 100% recycled jersey t-shirt yarn that’s made of superior quality recycled t-shirt scraps and remnants from European t-shirt factories. If you ever need to replace or decide to remove your straps or ties, carefully pull ties out of sides of mask after trimming off knots. To add new straps or ties, attach a safety pin to the end of the strap and carefully feed it through the sides of your mask. Adjustable ear straps can easily be tied with sliding knots as before.
Organic cotton fabric: Each mask is made with 200 thread count 100% organic cotton fabric.
Filter pocket: Your mask is made with two layers to create a filter pocket for the option to use a filter of your choosing. It is located at the bottom inside of the mask.
Removable nose bridge wire: Having a nose bridge wire is great to ensure a secure fit over your nose below your eyes, and is especially great for people who wear glasses, as it lessens the chance of fogging. The hem is located at the top of your mask and is accessible through the filter pocket. (Just be sure to take your twist tie out before washing!)
Washable & reusable: See below for details on caring for your new mask!


The recommended method of cleaning is washing by hand and laying flat to dry. If washing in a machine, the mask should always be put in a lingerie bag to avoid damage to the mask or ties/ear straps. Tumble dry on low. Iron as needed on low heat. Remove filter, if using, before washing. ALWAYS remove twist tie from mask before washing to avoid the possibility of the tie rusting or corroding on your mask.


1. Loosen the sliding knots all the way.
2. Scrunch both sides of the mask tightly along the straps.
     •The sides should look like a “C” when scrunched.
3. Place mask over your face and straps behind your ears.
4. If using, pinch the twist tie over the bridge of your nose.
5. While holding the mask in place, adjust the sliding knots as needed.
6. Ensure your mask covers your nose and mouth completely.

1. Pull the mask up the ties and slide the loop over your head.
     •Make sure the mask is facing the right way.
2. Move the mask close to your neck to tighten the bottom.
3. Scrunch both sides of the mask tightly along the ties.
     •The sides should look like a “C” when scrunched.
4. Place the mask over your face.
5. If using, pinch the twist tie over the bridge of your nose.
6. Tie the top ties around the back of your head.
7. Ensure your mask covers your nose and mouth completely.
     •If there is a gap under your chin, the bottom loop may need to be tightened. If that doesn’t help, the bottom loop can be pulled up over the top of the ears.

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