Thursday, May 21, 2020

Moving Forward


I recently saw a post circulating on Facebook with the prompt to post the last photo on your phone's camera roll when things were still normal. That seems like such a wild statement. My last photo was a picture of my kids sitting at the kitchen counter with St. Patrick's Day cards they opened from their grandparents. The older two were wearing school uniforms.

I haven't been as great at posting here as I intended to back when I launched this blog in January. (Yikes! It's almost June!) But it has been a crazy run the past few months.

We successfully finished online learning to complete the school year and received report cards in the mail today. School wrapped up earlier than expected for us - the last day would have been just a few days ago if schools hadn't closed.

I quickly began receiving requests from family members for fabric masks and I took my time sorting out all the details and features before finally settling on a final product I was happy with and comfortable making for others. They have been keeping me busy the last month. I find myself having a set work schedule through the week and take the weekends off. It's something I always dreamed of for my Etsy shop, but it's weird that it's happening in this way.

If you're still needing a mask, I post spots daily Monday-Friday, typically between 2:00-4:00 PM central time.

*I've also published a page here with all the information regarding the masks I've been making, so it's available if you need that!

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